A Work In Progress Image Library: Caterpillars in Art

Thank Goodness we have the web for instant artistic inspiration!  I could search all day for compelling art, striking design photos, totally bizarre architecture, and all sorts of good stuff.  It’s great for snapping out of writers and artist’s block.  Plus captivating images inspire video game designers, teachers, bloggers, fine artists, student directors, and kids, so it’s imperative to share cool web finds.

For this blog’s first visual reference library, I narrowed in on the search terms like “whimsical caterpillar art”, “caterpillar art”, “caterpillar illustration”, and “fantasy caterpillar” to uncover some really cool artwork to share.

This library is a work in progress and suggestions and submissions are definitely welcome.  I’m working on a much larger, comprehensive Caterpillar Art image library that I’ll be publishing here later on, but here’s a quick sampling of what I’ve collected thus far.  Suggestions for additions are definitely welcome!  Just let me know in the comments below.

Artists’ names, sources and original links are included with each image.  I ensured that each image posted below is allowed by the original publisher to be shared via social media.  If you see an image that shouldn’t be there, please contact me so I can remove it.  Thanks!

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