I Still Wish I Was A Fairy Princess: These Are The Whimsical Toys That I Want

I’m so bad.  I still collect toys at 31.  But only small ones now.  I live in a warehouse (pretty neato) so the temptation is definitely there to hoard up.  But I refrain; collecting stuff like Thomas and Friends engines, Tortoro plush, Hello Kitty (she’s a cat damnit!), wooden figurines, Hexbug Nano bugs, small vintage toys and cards, and yeah I could go on.

I’ve been working in toys for long time now and I love it.  I could talk anyone’s ear off all day about toys.  Building the really epic ones and making creative store and window displays is one of the BEST parts of it all.  Because toys are more than just things, they’re an experience! *high five* Well that’s how I see them.

So speaking of, I was struck with major whimsical inspiration after watching FernGully for the umpteenth time.  I thought about a lot of my favorite “mythical-fairy-whimsical woodland” toys and went web surfing for more.  Pretty narrow niche, but there’s a lot of great stuff out there.

I want it all.  Excuse me while I nerd out.

Ostheimer UnicornOstheimer wooden figurines are definitely one of my favorite toys to collect right now.  They’re totally appropriate for a wide range of ranges; basically 5 to 105.  I didn’t discover them until late last year when I started working at a new toy company in San Francisco.  They’re hand-carved in Germany and painted with light organic color washes.  I just love them.  I have a few already, but I don’t have this one yet.

Haba Blossom Sky CanopyOh my god I want to live in here so bad.  I have hung out in one though!  It’s so beautiful and the hanging flowers looks really great against that fresh lime color.  It’s looks even better in person, plus it’s really sturdy.  It’s by HABA Toys and made in Germany.  One of my favorite brands for the wee ones.

I love her so much.  In my mythical fairyland, all cats are pink!  She seriously reflects every little kid’s dream of what a pink fluffy cat would be.  Okay maybe I’m stretching it, but I’ve cuddled her and the softness most definitely measures up to the cuteness.  She’s Jellycat soft.  Brought to you by the same company that gave the world Beanie Babies.

Image 1 THIS might be all I ever wanted in life.  To live in a Hobbit Hole in The Shire.  Nah, just kidding.  This looks so amazing though.  I stumbled across this company that creates hobbit hole play houses, hobbit holes for pets, and even chickens?  That’s right, chicken coops too!

Darnit.  I was going to add a few more, but it’s late and I’m hungry.  Stay tuned.  I’m on the web hunt for fairy themed play kitchens I will never buy.

Post Artwork: “The Last Toy Painting in Red” – Megan Marlatt




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