Get Inspired: A Fresh Batch of FREE Creative Commons Photography Awaits You at

I’m an apologetic fan of free stuff and giving away freebies to help anyone who needs to make anything.  It’s FUN!  Free creative commons photography can inspire everything from presentations collages, fine art projects, blog posts, product packaging, to new materials for the classroom .  The possibilities are endless with free digital images, and I’m super stoked to have finally made the leap to create, a new resource for high-resolution digital photography that’s free for personal and commercial use.

Each and every one of these digital photos were taken by myself and licensed with a Creative Commons 4.0 with Attribution (which means you have to credit when you’re posting or sharing online the images, as well as them using and adapting for commercial (money-making) work.

Head on over to learn more about and find inspiration for that next project, blog post, or big idea today!