Retro Gaming: Getting Nostalgic Over ZZT

No, not ZZ Top.  But they’re cool too (Ever see Mother Goose Rock n’ Rhyme?)  I’m actually talking about an awesome game that came out in the early 90s, which also let people create their own ANSI computer games.  For me it was like painting.  Granted mine were terrible because I was a little kid, but my brother made some great ZZT games.  He also taught himself to create amazing ANSI artworks too (I need to find those!)

In short, ANSI is a type of text-mode graphic design technique that uses an extremely large set of characters to produce works of art and games.  I don’t want to barf out a bunch of M S-DOS jargon that I barely understand so I’ll leave that to Wikipedia.

The ZZT universe so to speak was made up of four worlds; Dungeons, Caves, Towns, and City.  From what I recall I really enjoyed the “City of ZZT” because of all the colorful ANSI skyscrapers and storefronts.  At the time ZZT game me another place to be creative, along with painting, writing, collecting and whatnot.  Several years later I started getting into Starcraft and it reminded me of those early years creating seriously bad but original game worlds that were all my own.

And I Definitely went online to hunt for any existing ZZT media; that was a given.  Here’s some neat stuff I found. ANSI art gallery included!



Whooo lets go to the pawn shop!


Awesome ANSI art