My New Internet Hobby: Micro-Blogging With Delicious

I finally joined Delicious!  My own bookmarks folder is busting out at the seems so I thought I’d start sharing them.  Instead, I’ve left my own bookmarks to collect dust and have been populating my account with brand new links instead.  Screw it, out with the old.  Actually I’ve found delicious to be more than just a means to share cool articles I’ve just read or video clips, but I enjoy using it more as a new tool for blogging.  Once I add a link, I feel instantly inspired to bang out a couple paragraphs since I just read or viewed something awesome.

Only downside?  I still can’t figure out how to create paragraph breaks in the comment section for a link (that’s where you post content.)  It doesn’t recognize html so I think I have to make do.  First world problems.

It’s fun to create and  share original content on other corners of the web, which is probably the reason why I’ve been so slow to really commit myself to a blog, or any kind of central hub.  Plus it’s seriously FUN to comb the web for different free content publishing platforms and online marketing tools.

One being, the open source data mining software that I’m currently in love with.  I used it to crawl the web for social bookmarking sites and that’s how I was re-introduced to Delicious.  know it’s been around for a while now, but Delicious’ community doesn’t seem too large.  So far I really like the interface; it’s easy to use and not a pain in the ass at all.

Using data collection/mining software to help with content creation has been pretty exciting these days.  More on that later.