Share Your Talent With The World: 72 Creative Web Tools For Budding Online Writers

The web is such an awesomely accessible platform for anyone to publish and share their short stories, poems, essays, and journals.  I remember my first discoveries for posting and sharing content online like they were yesterday.  I miss you guys.  Good thing Diaryland and Livejournal are still around, but Geocities bit the dust years ago.  I can remember those awful Geocities pages now; one was definitely an “enchanted forest” Url for sure.

So anyways, because I’m so epically lame that I’m actually winning, I’m currently researching creative online publishing tools and sites for fun on a Saturday night while a Super Hero rave thumps right around the corner.  Save yourself the hassle of combing the web for these resources, I had way too much fun doing the work for you!


Need an Easy-Breezy Site To Start A Blog?

You can seriously be up and ready within minutes using these cool blogging platforms.  I’ve tinkered with all of these and they’re all fun and user-friendly in my opinion.  Finding the right blogging platform is good for the creative process too and can really encourage more content creation.

I use to run this blog (not, but I also want to get more involved with, Evernote’s own blogging site.  I threw in some online diary style platforms too.  Click on any of the tools below to learn more!                                Wardrobe                       Dropplets                                 Tumblr

Typepad                                Diaryland                        SquareSpace

Blogger                                                     LiveJournal

Weebly                                  Svbtle                             MoonFruit


More Advanced Blog Creation Options and FREE CMS Platforms

Below you’ll find a list of more advanced blog creation sites, such as Jeckyll, which allows users to create posts in plain text using a terminal window that can automatically publish them as static blog sites.

Also is not the same as is a free downloadable CMS platform used to create much more powerful sites; and its a better option for bloggers looking to build more of a steady income with their website.

I have less experience with the following Content Management Systems.  The following is a collection of the best rated out there, along with some lesser known alternatives too.  Getting more familiar with is definitely on my to-do list, but CushyCMS looks cool too.                      NibbleBlog                    Joomla

Anchor                                   Mura                             Drupal

TextPattern                            PivotX                           Frog

Jeckyll                                    SilverStripe                  Concrete5

Self-Publish Your Book!

The beauty of online self-publishing is that you actually can publish that collection of Dystopian future short stories or that Fabio-tastic romance novel you’ve been daydreaming about.  So I went looking for some popular and unique self-publishing services; including print-on-demand ones and e-book publishing services too.

CreateSpace                  The Book Patch                  Print To Press

Lulu                                 On Demand Books            CafePress

Blurb                               McNally Jackson                 Xlibris

iUniverse                         Unbound                             Outskirts Press

SmashWords                 Draft2Digital

Post Your Original Content & Grow Your Network!

Personally, I LOVE writing short articles and long essays on the most random subjects.  Sharing unique articles is a fun and helpful way to hone those online research and writing skills.  I’m still learning myself, and dabbling with these sites have helped me grow as a web content creator.

It’s free and fun!  Plus it’s a good alternative if you’d rather write and share once and while than maintain a daily or weekly blog.  Some of these sites let you earn through affiliate programs too.  My Nightmare Before Christmas Party Guide earns like $2-$3 every two months or so.  It was originally through Squidoo, which merged with Hubpages only a month or so ago.

I’ve been playing around with too, which lets you create articles and submit them as “scoops” for community members to notice and share.  I like it because I typically start with a cool link or article that I read, and share my thoughts in a mini article.  Many of these sites also serve as online communities for writers to grow their network as well.

Hubpages                  WikiNut                                      Booksie                     Bubblews                          Reddit Blogger             Become A Buzzle Author

Bundlr                        Klout                                 BizSugar                       iSnare

Gather                       Original Poetry                  Medium                        EzineArticles

Writer Town               Writer’s Cafe                     Story Star

Submit Your Original Writing

When you’re really ready to branch out, you may want to start submitting your original writing to more high-profile news or literary sites.  I can’t wait to do more of this myself!  That’s why I’m always on the lookout for sites like these to bookmark and submit to.  I have a few Buzzfeed-esque list articles swirling about in my head right now.  Note: Submitting content to these sites does not guarantee that it will be published.  But why not try anyway?  You never know what could happen!

Post To Buzzfeed                   Salon                       WhatCulture

Buzzfeed Tumblr                    Pulse                       HongKiat                   Cracked                   Peach Pit

College Humor                       tuts+                        Boost Blog Traffic

Check back often for updates!  This Online Writer’s Resource list is an ever-growing work in progress.  Don’t forget to post your own helpful links in the comments below and check out this blog’s own guest posting opportunities.

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25 Current Video Game Blogs That Openly Accept Guest Post Submissions

Here’s another freshly squeezed list of guest posting opportunities!  I love making these lists.  This time around, I honed in on the video game niche and uncovered a lot of promising sites for new and seasoned gaming bloggers to grow their network.  There’s A LOT of current gaming blogs offering guest posting opportunities, so this is really just part 1 of my research.

Need some do’s and don’ts about guest posting?  Check out my last guest posting submission post for tips.

Have a blog you’d like me to include or even your own gaming niche blog?  Leave it in the comments below and I’ll add it as soon as I can.








8.  Game Trend –























Check back for updates or look out for Part 2 of this list.

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My New Internet Hobby: Micro-Blogging With Delicious

I finally joined Delicious!  My own bookmarks folder is busting out at the seems so I thought I’d start sharing them.  Instead, I’ve left my own bookmarks to collect dust and have been populating my account with brand new links instead.  Screw it, out with the old.  Actually I’ve found delicious to be more than just a means to share cool articles I’ve just read or video clips, but I enjoy using it more as a new tool for blogging.  Once I add a link, I feel instantly inspired to bang out a couple paragraphs since I just read or viewed something awesome.

Only downside?  I still can’t figure out how to create paragraph breaks in the comment section for a link (that’s where you post content.)  It doesn’t recognize html so I think I have to make do.  First world problems.

It’s fun to create and  share original content on other corners of the web, which is probably the reason why I’ve been so slow to really commit myself to a blog, or any kind of central hub.  Plus it’s seriously FUN to comb the web for different free content publishing platforms and online marketing tools.

One being, the open source data mining software that I’m currently in love with.  I used it to crawl the web for social bookmarking sites and that’s how I was re-introduced to Delicious.  know it’s been around for a while now, but Delicious’ community doesn’t seem too large.  So far I really like the interface; it’s easy to use and not a pain in the ass at all.

Using data collection/mining software to help with content creation has been pretty exciting these days.  More on that later.